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283 Sutra of the Three Spiritual Trainings

Library - Kangyur - Sutra


Sutra of the Three Spiritual Trainings 

    I give praise to all the Enlightened Ones and bodhisattvas!
    So I heard it once.

    The Blessed One went and came to the country of Vaishali and arrived at the place of Trinakuti. He stayed in the Sala tree garden on the north side of Trinakuti, along with a great auspicious assembly of bhikkhus-monks.
    Then the Blessed One said to the bhikkhus-monks:
    Monks! This is a moral discipline. This is deep concentration. This is wisdom.
    Monks! If you become accustomed to [exercising] moral discipline, you will remain in deep concentration for a long time. If you act accustomed to deep concentration, you will have wisdom. If you act, getting used to [the realization of] wisdom, it will reliably completely free the mind from craving, anger and dullness. Likewise, the noble disciples-listeners who have reliably completely liberated the mind, suppress these own defilements. Rely on pure conduct and do [these] deeds. Comprehend the certainty when “it is not understood by another being besides this”.
    The Blessed One said so and the monks rejoiced and praised what the Blessed One said.
    This concludes the sutra of the three trainings.

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