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Translation of the Word or Kangyur, Ganjur (bka' ' gyur)

Library - Canonical work

Translation of Words of Buddha (bka' 'gyur)

    The kanjur or Gangur. Text collection, which contains the canonical texts of Tibetan Buddhism, translated from Sanskrit and Chinese.  It is traditionally believed that all these texts were bestowed by the sage Shakyamuni, who manifested sometimes in various forms. In General, the texts contained in the various editions of Kangyur are considered common to all traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. The table below shows the number of volumes in partitions. The following are two tables. The first one indicates the number of texts of each section and the number of translated ones. The second table shows the number of volumes of a particular partition. In each of the texts, which can then be opened by links, you can see the location not only in the main version of Kangyur, with which the work was carried out, but also in other versions. This is also done if the text is translated.

Summary table with the number of volumes and texts of Kangyur by section

Section Number of volumes Amount of text
Vinaya 9 8
Prajna-paramita 17 23
Paritta 1 13
Avatamsaka 1 1
Ratnakuta 6 49
Sutra - 266
Tantra: Annutara-yoga-tantra 7 116
Tantra: Yoga-tantra 4 18
Tantra: Carya-tantra 1 9
Tantra: Kriya-tantra - -
Tantras of Old Translation (Nyingma) 3 25
Dharani - -
Commentary on the Kalacakra Tantra 1 1
Catalog 1 1


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