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44 The Sutra of the Great Good

Library - Kangyur - Paritta


The Sutra of the Great Good

    With faith I praise the Three Noble Jewels!
    So I heard once.
    The Blessed one was residing in the garden of Anathapindada in the Jethavana grove of Shravasti.
    Then, when a multitude of gods gathered by night by means of multicolored light, the Jethavana Garden was illuminated with light. Then they came to the Blessed One who was there. When they approached, they praised and worshipped the Blessed One and stood before him. Standing in front of him, these gods questioned the Blessed One many times with the following verses:
    Many gods and people ponder [what it means] to be happy. But there are doubts about happiness and goodness. Please say about the supreme happiness!
    Responded [the Blessed One] to what the gods said:
    Destruction of all detrimental things and the essence of good for the whole universe - such goodness I will explain for you!
    Not to communicate with childish [fools], to be satisfied with [communication with] the wise, to act with those who are worthy of receiving offerings [gifts] - this is the highest good.
    To abide in a suitable place by virtue of merit from past deeds and to perform oneself the highest prayers-wishes - this is the highest good.
    To learn nobly, combining discipline and crafts and the true, [uttering] words that clarify all things nobly is the highest good.
    To serve with reverence the father and the mother, to support children and the wife, and not to perform unacceptable acts is the highest good.
    Generosity-giving, behaving in accordance with the Teaching, helping one's loved ones, not carrying out wrong deeds - is the highest good.
    Refusing to take pleasure in pernicious [acts], refusing to drink wine, being righteous everywhere in [carrying out] the Teaching is the highest good.

    To act with momentary [appearing] faith in the teacher, to act with faith and understanding in acts, and to listen to the Teaching in due time - this is the highest good.
    Not to be zealous in lowly words, to look upon [people] with pure virtue, to discuss the Teaching in a timely manner - this is the highest good.
    Ascesis and pure conduct [of the brahmacharya], seeing the truth of the Noble, and the manifest attainment of nirvana are the highest good.
    If in the world one asks about the Teaching, if one's mind does not waver in any way, if one acts without sorrow or lack of joy, this is the highest good.
    He who acts in accordance with the explanation is victorious in everything, follows in everything to pacification. This is the highest good for them.
    The Blessed One said so, and the gods praised what the Blessed One said.
    This is how the sutra of the great good ends.

    In the presence of the great sage Anandashri, the interpreter that heard much, bhikshu Shakya Nyima Gyaltshen Palzangpo translated and corrected what was said in two languages at the great temple of Paltharpa Ling.
    May the Sun and the Moon be over the earth!
    Translated by lama Karma Paljor (O. Filippov).


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