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26. One hundred and eight names of the Noble Prajña-paramita

Library - Kangyur - Prajna-paramita


One hundred and eight names of the Noble Prajña-paramita

     I bow before the Blessed One, the Perfection of Wisdom!
    You is the virtuous Mother of all the Victorious past, present and future! You, goddess, possessest the nature of absence of nature, as do the sons of the Victorious! By me shall the virtuous and the names of the Mother of the Enlightened be proclaimed! May it be heard by those who thirst for abundance!
     The Perfection of Wisdom is: (1) omniscience; (2) knowledge of aspects of the path; (3) knowledge of all aspects; (4) true limit; (5) so-ness; (6) infallible so-ness; (7) so-ness that is not other; (8) truth; (9) reality [as true state]; (10) reliable, infallible, emptiness; (11) no characteristics, no desires; (12) absence of being; (13) [absence of intrinsic] nature; (14) nature of non-existence; (15) supreme reality-dharmata; (16) sphere of supreme reality-dharmadhatu; (17) abiding teaching; (18) essence of unchanging teaching and Teaching without blemish; (19) the property of phenomena; (20) the absence of selfhood in phenomena and the absence of nature; (21) the absence of living beings; (22) the absence of the vital essence and (23) the absence of its restoration; (24) the absence of being [as a person]; (25) the absence of personality; (26) [no possibility of] expression; (27) not also [an object of] expression; (28) devoid of mind, thought and consciousness; (29) incomparable; (30) incomparable; (31) no "Me" in comparison; (32) devoid of conceit; (33) without embellishment; (34) free from embellishment; (35) free from all embellishments and utterly surpassing all embellishments [of the mind]; (36) the Mother of all the enlightened; (37) giving birth to all bodhisattvas; (38) she who preserves all shravaks and unites all pratyekabuddhas; (39) she who preserves all worlds; (40) inexhaustibly gathering the accumulation of spiritual merit; (41) descending the primordial wisdom; (42) [manifesting] the manifestation of miraculous powers; (43) purifying the divine eye; (44) clarifying the divine ear; (45) showing the understanding of other minds; (46) showing the recollection of past lives, (47) death and birth; (48) realizing the suppression of all the kleshas; (49) noble, pure and purified; (50) abiding as approaching awareness-memory; (51) possessing the power of right diligence; (52) possessing the foundation of the four paths to the magical powers; (53) realizing purification of abilities; (54) showing [acquiring] mighty powers; (55) adorned with the jewels of the seven aspects and sinlessness; (56) bestowing the seven jewels; (57) showing the eight aspects of the noble path; (58) showing nine entrances into the equality of all things and giving [all things] through completion; (59) [giving] the acquisition of the ten powers; (60) giving abiding in the ten levels; (61) [showing] the perfection of the ten powers; (62) adorned with the ten bases of suppression; (63) [giving] the acquisition of the ten understandings; (64) destroying the enemies-the ten hidden habitual tendencies; (65) manifesting the achievement of meditative immersions; (66) the perfect withdrawal from the realm of no form; (67) praised by all the enlightened, the true and the perfect; (68) realizing all understanding; (69) manifesting the completion of all Perfection, the emptiness of the inner [subject]; (70) the emptiness of the outer [objects]; (71) the emptiness of the inner and outer [, object and subject]; (72) the emptiness of emptiness; (73) the great emptiness; (74) the emptiness of the absolute; (75) the emptiness of the conditioned; (76) the emptiness of the unconditioned; (77) the emptiness that transcends extremes; (78) the emptiness beyond beginning and completion; (79) the emptiness of the absence of termination; (80) the emptiness of the identity; (81) the emptiness of all phenomena; (82) emptiness of own characteristics; (83) emptiness of the incomprehensible; (84) emptiness of nothingness; (85) emptiness of nature; (86) emptiness of nature of nothingness; (87) non-creation; (88) non-birth; (89) non-cutting; (90) no cutoff; (91) no eternity; (92) not one object; (93) not distinguishable objects; (94) no coming; (95) no disappearing; (96) perfect meditation on the links of interdependent arising; (97) not the act of perfect analysis and the act of consciousness; (98) without foundation and characteristics; (99) not the act of analysis; (100) not logical knowledge; (101) being the absence of beginning, end and destruction, the absence of hesitation; (102) not duality and its opposite; (103) the appeasement and discarding of mental actions; (104) absence of antidotes; (105) unconcealed; (106) like the heavenly path; (107) inexpressible by affirmation or negation; (108) one taste of all phenomena, which is like a circle of fire, and the supreme reality-dharmata, which is like illusion and the nature of sleep.
     Everyone who repeats these one hundred and eight names of the Perfection of Wisdom will be completely freed from the lower parts. All enlightened ones will remember [it], all bodhisattvas will constantly protect, guard, and defend. One must repeat constantly and incessantly these words of her secret mantra.  
    Blessed! Noble! Perfection of Wisdom! Loving Mother! Possessing immeasurable qualities! Praise to the method of all bodhisattvas and enlightened ones, the perfect knowledge [that manifests itself through] the primordial wisdom of all Tathagatas!
    It is this:

    oṁ prajñe prajñe mahā prajñe prajñā avabhāse prajñā āloka kare ajñāna vidya mane siddhi su siddhi siddhya mane bhagavati sarbhāṅga sundāri bhāgavati vartasali prasārita haste samāśvā sakari tiśthā tiśthā kampa kampa cala cala rāva rāva garjā garjā āgaccha āgaccha bhagavati mā vilamba svāhā

     If you remember this Perfection of Wisdom, you will also keep [in your memory] the Hundreds of Perfection of Wisdom. If you constantly repeat [this sutra], all the veils of deeds-karma will become purified. Even when you leave this world and remember your previous birth, your thoughts and wisdom will be unparalleled. You will remember all the teachings of all the Tathagatas of the three times; you will also remember all the mantra teachings and secret mantras. Even when you leave this [world], you will remember [past] birth and your thoughts and wisdom will be great.
    Thus concludes the one hundred and eight names of the noble Perfection of Wisdom.

    Translated by Lama Karma Paljor (O. Filippov).

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