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27. The noble Prajna paramita. Sutra Of The Great Vehicle "Suryagarbha"

Library - Kangyur - Prajna-paramita


The noble Prajna paramita. Sutra Of The Great Vehicle "Suryagarbha"

    I bow before all the Enlightened Ones and Bodhisattvas!
    So i heard once. The Blessed One was in a secluded place [practice] The teachings in the land of Magadha, along with the numerous Benevolent Assembly of monks and countless bodhisattvas that have gathered from the vast lands of the Enlightened Ones. At this time the environment was a bodhisattva by the name of Suryaprakashakara. He got up and went to the Blessed One and said the following:
    Blessed one! Answer the question, Tathagata! Please explain what has been given from the Blessed!
    The Blessed One replied:
    Whatever you wish to ask, I must explain.
    Then the bodhisattva  Suryaprakashakara said to the Blessed one:
    Blessed one! How should a bodhisattva who is well versed in the methods be trained in the Perfection of Wisdom?
    The Blessed One replied:
    Son of a [noble] family! Since there is a deep concentration of mastery in what is called the sun, bodhisattvas should be trained in it.
    [Suryagarbha said:]
    Please, Blessed one! how should i learn?
    The Blessed One replied:
    Son of a [noble] family! There are seven types of deep concentration versed in the methods called "Sun". What are they? First, like the ripening of a sprout due to the sun, the deep concentration of bodhisattvas, which is like the sun, is the ripening of the sprout of enlightenment in living beings. Second , like the sun's lack of separation in regard to heat, the compassion of deep concentration of bodhisattvas is equal in relation to all living beings. Third, like the burning of dirt by the sun, the wisdom of the bodhisattvas ' penetrating vision burns the dirt of obscurations-klesh. Fourth , like the effect of the sun on ice, the ice-like obscurations-flares are melted by the wisdom-based antidote of deep concentration of Bodhisattvas. fifth , just as darkness is eliminated by the sun, the inherent wisdom of individual recognition of bodhisattvas eliminates the darkness of [dual] clinging [of the perceiver and the perceived]. sixth , just as the sun revolves around the four continents, by the perfect actions-activities of bodhisattvas [living beings] are freed from the four streams of suffering. Seventh - just as the sun warms everyone equally, by the perfect behavior of bodhisattvas, all living beings are granted special joy [of the first level of bodhisattvas]. And the methods that do this are like the heat of the sun.
    Son of a [noble] family! Additionally, bodhisattvas must be trained in the Perfection of Wisdom. In accordance with it, one should learn that all phenomena without their own nature, without characteristics, are completely free from all characteristics, free from all real and immaterial, have no self and are free from all kinds of self, are empty by essence.
    Son of a [noble] family! bodhisattvas should be trained in the highest reality-dharmata, the realm of the highest reality-dharmadhatu, suchness, the sure end-edge, the infallible suchness, the truth and essence of suchness.

    The Blessed one then said to the bodhisattva Suryaprakashakara:
    Son of a [noble] family! The bodhisattva must also be taught that all phenomena are not born and have no formation.
    Son of a [noble] family! One should be taught that all phenomena are perfectly pure in nature. Also, all phenomena, be they form, etc., should be conceived as empty in nature. It should be understood as essentially solitary.
    Son of a [noble] family! if one adheres to the sutra of the perfection of wisdom, he will clear the veil of deeds-karma, generate an accumulation of spiritual merit, possess an unlimited accumulation of wisdom, possess memory, moral discipline, and deep concentration.

    Son of a [noble] family! Additionally, bodhisattvas must be trained in the Perfection of Wisdom.
    Then the Blessed One recited these verses:
    Listen much, strive in holy Teaching, have love for all living beings, [possess] the perfection of the armor of zeal, involve others in your goals, strive in contemplation, deep concentration and meditation, do not distinguish between yourself and living beings, enter the path of the supreme chariot, act like the Victorious and the Sons of the past! The knowledgeable is trained in this unmistakable way!
    The Blessed One said so. Bodhisattva of Suryaprakashakara, the world together with gods and men rejoiced and gave praise said by the Blessed one.
    Thus ends the Noble Perfection of Wisdom Sutra of the Great Vehicle "Suryagarbha".

     Translated by Kamra Paljor Lama (Filippov O.).

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