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2.2 Year

2 Year

 Second. Classification of years: Rat, Bull, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Bird, Dog, Pig. They are also divided [into male and female]. Male: Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog. Female: Bull, Hare, Snake, Sheep, Bird, Pig. Tiger, Monkey, Pig, Snake — the first four. Rat, Horse, Bird, and Hare are average. The dog, the Dragon, the Bull, and the Sheep are the last. The upper one in the East is a Tiger, the lower one in the East is a Hare. To the Southeast is a Dragon. The upper one in the South is a Snake, the lower one in the South is a Horse. In the southwest is a Sheep. The upper one in the West is a Monkey, the lower one is a Bird. In the North-West of the Dog. The upper one in the North is a Pig, the lower one in the North is a Rat. To the northeast is a Bull.
 If you relate them to the five elements, then the movement of years forms sixty.
 All of them [have] four [characteristics]: Sog, Lu, Wang, Lungta.
 First. Definition of the Sog element. The Tiger, the Hare- Sog is tree. The Horse and the Snake have fire. Birds and Monkeys have Sog - metal. A Rat and a Pig have water. The Dog, the Dragon, the Bull, and the Sheep have Sog - earth.
 Then the Lu table. Tree - Rat, Bull, Horse, Sheep. Water - Tiger, Hare, Bird, Monkey. Metal - Dog, Pig, Dragon, Snake. [Element] Lu all these twelve years - metal.
 Similarly, it is compiled with respect to Wang. [If] Lu as a mother (for Example. Since the mother of a tree is water, then health for water and Sheep, water and Horse, water and Bull, water and Rat is a tree.) - a tree, then Lu as a son is water. If Lu as an enemy is earth, then Lu as a friend is fire.
 Next, Wang. Starting with the [year] of the Rat-tree, pairs of male and female [year symbols] should be sequentially linked in pairs with the five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. For example, starting with a Rat and a Bull with a Tree, and up to a Dog and a Pig with water - [formed] sixty years of age. When the current year begins as a male year, the first and tenth are the mother's own, and the second and third are the mother's (a Cycle that is determined by the elements of the current year). . The fourth and fifth are enemies. Six and seven are friends. The eighth and ninth are sons.
 When the women's year begins, the first and second are the same. The third and fourth are the mother. The fifth and sixth are the enemy. Seven and eight are friends. The ninth and tenth are sons. This — is its own elements.
 Next, the definition of Lungta. For three, Tiger, Horse and Dog - Monkey, metal. For a Rat, a Dragon, a Monkey - a Tiger, a tree. For a Bird, Bull, Snake - Pig, water. For Pig, Sheep, Hare - Snake, fire. All this is known as the"years of harmonious triples".
 La is the mother of Sog (about matching it says: "La, [if considered] on the basis of secret texts, is formed according to the life force"). Although some present as a mother to Lu, there is no connection with the texts. The special Lungta [tib. rab klung] is formed as the son of Lungta. For sixty years — its own Sog - head, Lu - hat, Wang - clothes, Lungta - belt, Mewa - seat. Four, Sog, Lu, Wang, and Lungta of the current year is a year that has four elements and four elements. For three such elements, say]  about having three. For two, it has two. Similarly, analyze without errors.
 [This is] the description of five years, Khayen. When Sog and Wang are the same, it is called "Khayen". If Wang is in the relationship, as the son of Sog - year "Sezhig". If Wang appears as the mother for Sog - year "Khongnong". If it turns out to be a friend of Sog - year "Kharal". If it turns out the enemy of Sog - year "Dunkhur".
 Such are the harmonious combinations of the year and the element of the genus. This is the calculation for [genus] The Keg and the element of wood. If there comes [the year] The tiger and the Rabbit ruling the year [or the year Wang]. If it's the year of the Rat or the Pig, it's the year of the mother. If it's the year of the Horse or the Snake, it's the year of the son. In the case of two, the Dog and the Dragon are the year of the friend. Two, a Bird and a Monkey-are considered years of the enemy. A sheep is a big loss [or gap]. Bull is a small loss.
 For the Ji clan and the fire element, the Dog is a big loss. Minor loss to the Dragon. The Horse and the Snake are commanding. Tiger and Hare — mother. The Bull and the sheep — son. Bird and Monkey are friends. The Rat and the Pig are the enemy.
 For the Kung clan and the earth element, the big loss is the Dragon. A small loss is a Dog. The Bull and the Sheep are commanding. The Horse and the Dragon mother. The Bird and the Monkey — son. Rat and Pig are friends. The Tiger and the Hare are the enemy.
 For the Shang family and the metal element, the big loss is the Bull. A small loss is a Sheep. The Bird and the Monkey are commanding. Dog and Dragon - mother. Rat and Pig - son. The Tiger and the Hare are friends. Horse and Snake are the enemy.
 For the genus U and the element Water, the big loss is the Dragon. A small loss is a Dog. The Rat and the Pig are commanding. The Bird and Monkey - the mother. Tiger and Hare — the son. Horse and Snake are friends. The Bull and the Sheep are the enemy. This is how mother, son, enemy, and friend are calculated. For the mother - the year of the mother. For the son — the year of the son. For the enemy - the year of the enemy. For a friend - the year of a friend. When the year and the element are one, it is the commanding year.
 Cemetery of the Tree - Sheep. Cemetery of fire - Dog. For land and water — a Dragon. Cemetery of metal - Bull. If the breath is taken from the first four, then the last four — goes to the grave. What is [the year] of going to the grave is a great loss. His Dunzur [tib. bdun zur] is a small loss. When the new year comes, which is its own-first, its own obstacles. The second is diseases and enemies. The third is parting. The Fourth Is Zhishe [tib. bzhi gshed]. The fifth is the harmony of the five. Sixth-Drugdre [tib. drug 'gras]. Seventh — Dunzur. These are the obstacles.

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