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6.3 Sixty small branches

6.3 Sixty small branches

     Four coniferous trees, [tree] Sog, Lu, Wang, and Lungta, [have] sixty, which are divided into fifteen. They all [represent] seven for the analysis: first, the calculation of four coniferous trees, and second, the calculation of the fifteen gold lines, and the third calculates the magnification of leaves and softness of the turquoise, the fourth calculation of the fruit of the tree of dreams, the fifth — calculation of home setbacks and the house of fame, the sixth listing is the eyes of death and eyes of the murder, the seventh — calculation of the crossing or non-crossing diagrams.

6.3.1 Calculation of four coniferous trees

     The calculation of the four coniferous trees. If the white tree is Sog, the [life force] is indestructible, and the swastika of longevity is stable. Even when the white part is bigger, there is no flaw. If it is black, great demons appear-Mara. This corresponds to the way large birds perch on a tree. Perform rituals of life force redemption, path construction, and longevity. If a large black part, it also corresponds to this. If it is related to the mixed, then there will be diseases, provocations, disputes about the gate of conditions, enemies. Show yourself to the wandering [monks], make four hundred [offerings], and set up a sachcha.
     If the white coniferous tree is Lu, it will be good because of the increased fame, energy, and brothers in the school. If most of it is white, it is easy to [get] food. If it is black, then the radiance and splendor of the body will be damaged. A year will fall down, a month will fall down, and a failure will appear. Change your body, change your name, ask for a great initiation. Give gifts, [perform the ritual] of four hundred [offerings], restore the stupa. If most of it is black, then generate everything sequentially. If equal parts of black and white, then perform ablution. Make execution [of activity], repentance, prayers to deities, offerings Sadagam.
     If the white coniferous tree is Wang, you will collect your own people, jewelry, and crops. If most of them are white, the gifts will rise. If it is black, then misery will descend and prosperity will split. Since the decline in jewelry is great, then [recite the Sutra] of the Golden light, collect accumulations [of merit and wisdom], subdue enemies, serve a Bon priest or a virtuous friend. If most of it is black, there will be flaws in the year. In the case of multicolored-there will be diseases, so take care of food and actions. Perform the ritual of the four crossed threads, read special collections of texts [teachers].
     If the white coniferous tree is Lungta, then there are no enemies and it is very good for soft friends. If most of it is white, you will get conditions for contamination. Repeat the [Prajna-paramita] in twenty thousand and the compressed-compendium. If black, the victorious standard of glory will fall. If you leave the country, there will be scandals and disputes. Carry out the burning of offerings, suppress enemies, set flags. If most of them are black, there will be disturbances in the heart and major [organs]. There will be a decline in jewelry, there will be talk, there will be dangers. In the case of mixed, there is great doubt about diseases. Repeat Gramatiku, suppress the paths of the planets-graha.
     Similarly, in four coniferous trees, three are shown, the upper part, the lower part, and the middle. The first deceptive of the five is a man. Deceptive staging of the five — level women. The last deceptive of the five is the level of children.
     Also, if the main location of your own level, the upper part-black-is bad for a man. If the average black-bad for a woman. If the bottom is black — very bad for the baby, the child.
     In terms of residence and death, the main coniferous tree is Sog. In relation to the duration of the disease-the main coniferous tree Liu. In terms of the amount of provisions — the main coniferous tree of success. In relation to scandals-the main coniferous tree of Lungta.
     Additionally, if the upper part of the Lungta coniferous tree is black, this is the cemetery level and the ground of the intermediate house. If the bottom is black, it's bad for the area. And since the cemetery is bad, then clean the cemetery and pray to the deities of the cemetery. If the house is bad, then work hard to generate fame and [get] prosperity. In the case of poor land — interact with Nagas and Sadags.

6.3.2 Calculation of fifteen Golden lines

     It is good if the up and down turns are associated with white. Also, if there is a connection with the upper part, it is good for a man. If it is connected with the average, the girl's ocean of life is filled. If it is connected to the lower one, then the baby enters the metal fortress. When communicating with the average man and woman, "a turquoise seat is installed". When communicating with the middle son and mother - "a line of gold is Established". It is connected with one - "Appearance of clouds in the sky during the day". Associated with two - "Sunrise in the clouds". Associated with three or four — especially good.
     It is bad if the rise up and fall down are black. From above-bad for Sog of men. In the middle-there are great demons-Mara for a woman. At the bottom-the trunk of a child falls. If a man and women are related to the average, enemies will come close. When communicating with the average mother and son-there will be bandits for Sog. If it is connected with one, then darkness will swirl in the space of the heart. If with two, the root of the trunk will rot. If with three or four-the fruit will dry out.

6.3.3 Calculation of the increase in leaves and softness of turquoise

     Analyze the relationship between black and white, from calculations on the left to the right.

6.3.4 Calculating the fruit of the wish tree

     Analyze the relationships from right to left. Thus the fruit of this is explained. If everything that is going in the directions is connected with the white on top, then the man "Spear with silk will rise to the sky". In the middle-a woman "on the ground will be bubbling swastika." From below-the son "the tree of fulfillment of desires will grow". If it is connected with the middle of a man and a woman - "you will Build a house of being-a family". If it is connected with the middle of the mother and son - "a flower will Appear". If it is connected with one - "the growth of the La tree will grow". If it is connected with two - "you will cover space with your Limbs". If it is connected with three - "the Petals will open in winter". If four or more - "the fruit will Ripen".
     If it is connected with black, then there will be grief. For a man, " the pillar of heaven will Split." For a woman, " a Stone from the mountain will fall into the valley." For the son, " the Flowers on earth will be entangled in murder." Obstacles men and women - "the house of glory will be Destroyed". Obstacles for the mother and son - "existence will Go to the sky". One loss - "there will Be signals-signs of demons-Mara". Two losses - "the La sea will Dry up to the depths". Three losses - "the spear will Break on the belt". Four or more - " you Will be covered with a river of sorrow." If there is a mix of white and black, you can go back to your mother. It will be difficult to cure coniferous tree diseases due to pollution and provocations.

6.3.5 Calculation of the house of failure and the house of glory

     Calculation of the house of glory and the house of failure-the island of white and the island of black. Increasing the top of the four white ones - "the Man is guarded by the gods". Increase in the middle, at the level of the woman - "Beautiful, covered with silks". Increase in the lower part, at the level of the son - "Being strikes from the bow". Increasing the middle for men and women - "Becoming a house of glory". The increase in the means for mother and son - "Union of mother and son." Increasing the unit of the house of glory - "Vision of the sky". Increase of two - "Sunrise without clouds". The increase in the three, four and higher "Virtue, ripening fruit."
     [This is what] is formed in the island of the four blacks, the house of failure. At the level of men - "the Establishment of the black demon-Mara from above". On the level of a woman- "wild animals and dogs Move". On the level of the son- "the gods are Angry and fall like a demon-Mara". In the middle for a man and a woman- "the bow of being will Split". In the middle for mother and son - "the arrow of the demon-Mara will Pierce". Black unit - " Entangled in the darkness of suffering." Black two - "make Friends with the son of the Lord of death". Black three - "Sell people and son to demons". Four faithful and more - "you will not count the ransomed".
     When the colored stones appear, go back to your mother. You will undoubtedly be ill.

6.3.6 Listing the eyes of death and the eyes of murder

     If there is one black stone in the center of four white stones, "one black stone will Die". If there is one white stone in the center between four black stones, "one white will Die". If the black on top dies, it is good, because the heart of the enemy will appear at the level of the man. If the black man is killed at the mother's level in the middle, it is good, because "a tiger will be killed At the house and gate". In the lower part, in the child's case, "the child's demons will Become invisible". In the middle of the man and woman - " Death will be overcome by the deity within." In the middle of the mother and son - "the feet of the child's demons of death will be bound".
     If the white man dies in the upper part of the man - "the man's La will be Dispelled". If in the middle of the mother - " the horn and the woman's desires will be Destroyed." If in the lower part, the child - "the turquoise sheep will be Scattered". If in the middle part of a man and a woman- " Will be entangled around the darkness of death." If in the middle part of the mother and son - "epidemic disease and death will Descend". Multicolored-curtains and negative effects on the coniferous tree.

6.3.7 Calculating the intersection or lack of intersection of diagrams.

     If a coniferous tree is split from above, the first diagram of longevity will intersect, the gates of heaven will close, and the binding rope will break. Bad for a man, perform hymns to the deity of a man. If the destruction of the house of glory in the middle and the appearance of the house of failure descend, it is bad for the mother, carry out the suppression of demons from the cemetery. If the eyes of death are numerous at the bottom, then there will be an intersection of the last diagram, which is bad for the son. Then measure yourself with the sequence and knowledge of the movement.
     Also determine the negative effects by listing the black stones on the coniferous tree Lu. If one occurs, then the country and Tsen. Two-the Lord and the demons-Mara. Three keepers acrois. Four-Mamo. There will be five-vow breakers. Six are male demons. There will be seven — scandals. Eight-Bhuta. There will be nine - hungry ghost. Ten-demons of the si youths. Eleven — Sadags. Twelve-demons from the cemetery. Thirteen of the negative impact from Rahula. Fourteen-influence of Mu. Fifteen-harm from Indra, etc. Stick to [this] definition of influences.
     If a strong white stone on the Lu disease, it is bad - " the Healer turned away from the patient." Great strength is needed in service. The three-part remainder is a disease due to white. Collect the great accumulation that clears the veil of deeds-karma. The four-part remainder is a disease due to white conditions. Perform discarding and Torma games of the angry ones. Half of the whites and blacks are ill because of the negative influence of Mamo. Perform prayers to internal and external deities, recite a hundred thousand words. If you meet a son, the passion for the outside will not descend on a coniferous tree with colored white and black. It will be useful if you collect savings, [burn] gifts, make Torma.

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