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6.6-6.6.1 Addition and Analysis of descending Logman

6.6 Addition

     Additionally, ask for the logmen of the disease, the descending part of the disease, the descending Mewa, the day, the planet, and the constellation. After asking, determine the disease and negative impact.

6.6.1 Analysis of descending Logman

     What is the analysis of the descending Logman? Define the Sog element of the calculated item.
     Tree. If you come over the Rat and the Bull, then the harm is from the Mamo, because the Nyen trees are cut off. A Tiger or a Hare comes-harm from the great Nagas. Because there are a lot of sickness, make offerings to the Nagas. Over the Dragon or Snake - "Harm from suicide, knives due to the death of twins." In addition to Horses and Sheep, there will be harm from demons with daggers, keepers of wealth and Tsen, since the father and uncle on the father's side or older brothers are entangled in many cemeteries. Over Birds and Monkeys - there will be harm from companies, dead rulers with daggers, epidemic diseases and Mamo. Over Dogs and Pigs - will harm from demons death or brothers and sisters. Suppress them.
     Fire. If you come over the Rat and the Bull, there will be demons from the cemetery, demons of the father's part of the family because of mistakes and murders, when there was a branch without mistakes. Over the Tiger and Hare-negative influence due to the three, Nyen demons, impurity, widowhood. Over the Dragon and the Serpent - the genus will disappear due to harm from the demons ME1 and the demons si. In addition to the Horse and Sheep, there will be separation because of separation or hearth. Over Birds and Apes-avert talk and daggers due to harm from Nagas and death demons with daggers. Beyond Dogs and Pigs — harm Tauranga. Make an offering of smoke-Sanga to restore disharmony of energy and pollution of harmony.
     Earth. If a man comes over a Rat or a Bull, he receives an unclean family because of insults from a woman, and because of the rising and flooding of rivers, [harm] from Senmo and Nagas. Over the Tiger and Hare-harm due to suicide demons, scattered goat and scattered sheep. Over the Dragon and the Serpent-harm due to the numerous girls who were friends in the past, or demons that harm children.2 Over the Horse and Sheep — get what is done by demons Mang3 and scandals with others. Beyond the Birds and Monkeys Will remain with the harm of Sadigov, demons скандх4 Tree. Over Dog and Pig-harm due to the intersection of the gods and the harm done by separation and Me.
     Metal. If the rat and the Bull come, there will be harm from the Gyalpo and the Gong and the sorcery of the Buddhist and Bon priests. If over the Tiger and Hare-there will be a bad sign and an impure veil will come from the direction of the maternal aunt. If you use a Dragon or a Snake, you will get harm from the Nagas and the uncle and nephew made bad relationship, the ghosts of poverty. For the Horse and Sheep-negative influence from the demons of suppression 5, women of an unclean family, hostility. Beyond the Birds and Monkeys is a negative influence of the Gyalpo, the old защитников6, guardians of wealth, Джангмен7. For a Dog and a Pig-because of harm from the Nagas, because of contamination of the base of the spring, make an offering of smoke for the Nagas.
     Water. If a rat and a Bull come, there will be harm from Tsen and Nagas, because of the father or the paternal grandfather. Over and above the Tiger and the Hare, there will be harm from a demon of every kind, sorcery that is supported by wrath, the Lord of water.8 Over the Dragon and Serpent — [harm] from murder demons, karmic creditors due to the murder of a son by a girl. For a Horse and a Sheep, damage caused by bullfighting or poisoning by witchcraft of a Buddhist or Bon priest. Beyond the Birds and Monkeys — harm by demons brothers and sisters, wedding, misfortune, or the priest of Bon. Beyond Dogs and Pigs — harm because of the unification of spirits, Nagas, demons Mara and demons of Skandha.
     This is analyzed by the science of procedures to eliminate negative influence. If a Logman comes in over his own year, do not perform actions [in relation to] his own health. But in particular, if there is a beginning for the enemy, it will be bad. If it is long-term, death will come. If there is a beginning of a mother or a friend — it is good and you will live. If the beginning of the son comes, there will be a balance. Comprehend all this through the conflict of Sog and year.


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