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7.14 Add-on. For those going abroad

7.14 Add-on. For those going abroad

     Also additionally, [next]. Additionally, for people who go abroad - "Calculation abroad of the Lord of the gods Brahma". Month of travel time abroad (A month of time when Sog, Lu, Wang, and Lungta are asked. Also see if you are going abroad for a month on the road), four, Sog, Lu, Wang and Lungta people from abroad. Shape the conflict, and trimming. Analyze as follows. Cut-off month Soog of human (meeting enemy) - death abroad or also cut-off or murder of and enemies. When there is a combination with the prison or cutting off the Lu, the Wang will be cut off and thieves and robbers will appear for food and jewelry. When cutting off the Lungta, there is a danger of ransom by friends.
     If cut off as the father of the Sog month calculated, it will quickly rotate without loss or death. If you meet a friend of Lu, there will be no diseases. Will have a favorable trade, strength, the body will be very famous. If you meet a friend of Wang, he will drink and eat. If you meet a friend of Lungta, you will be loved in conversation. If you count friends for yourself, it will be a great power.
     If you meet mother of Sog, you will fulfill all your dreams. If you meet Lu's mother, the diseases will be rare. If you meet Wang's mother, you will win the trade. If you meet Lungta's mother, nothing will be lost.
     If the son of Sog is emptied, then longevity will be damaged, La will wander, and death will appear. There will be desolation of the body, trade will be destroyed, there will be few friends. If Vang is emptied, there will be little food. When the Lungta is emptied, there will be losses and scandals.
     If inside meet Sog of fire, you will leave and there will be pleasure in the absence of death and loss. But the return will then be only in the distribution and only by thoughts.
     When inside meet Lu of fire, you will leave. Diseases will be rare, there will be many friends and no enemies. I clearly heard what they say about one month to return.
     If internally meet the Wang of fire, you will leave, there will be many things and happiness will appear. If you go back, you'll be on the road.
     If internally meet a Lungta of fire, then you will leave and your abode will be destroyed. If it doesn't collapse, you'll be back the same day.
     If internally meet the Sog of the earth — you will leave with a delay. You will sleep a lot with small goals in the location.
     If internally meet the Lu of the earth, you will have head diseases. Following the outside world, friends and trade will be formed by the ruler.
     If internally meet the Wangs of the Earth — with a small number of friends, you will achieve your goals, but you will not achieve what is similar to them.
     If internally meet the Lungta of the earth - if you go, it will be small to achieve the desired goals, if you stay among great people. Since friendship and trade are formed by the theurangs, you will win first, then you will lose.
     If four, Sog, Lu, Wang, and Lungta, meet internally with water, you will soon be surrounded by small goals-tasks. If they meet a tree, you will soon be surrounded. If metal is found internally, then later there will be great happiness. A good friend and an enemy establish harm.
     When a month with the element earth - later there will be great happiness. The element of water - will come quickly, but you will not realize the goal. The element of fire will surround you quickly and carry out any goal. The metal element — the goals will be distant for a long time. With the tree element-there will be few friends and big fears. This is the calculation of the foreign country based on the month.

     Additionally, the hidden branch table calculates support for increasing the resulting host. Since the Dragon mother look forward to the follow position, obtained as the completion. Then count eighteen up. This is something that conflicts with two overlapping life forces. When the calculated return is broken, the rope will also split. Count ten up [and find] a conflict with Wang. When you return, you will trade with the demons yourself.
     Eighteen at down - conflict with Lungta. When you return, you will possess kilaya, the Foundation of the earth. Count ten at up - conflict with Lu. By this means, when the return is calculated, there will be harm due to the rakshasas. Thus, the emergence of everything that is collected as negative comes under the condition of an eighteen-month meeting. Therefore, perform giving-taking when moving, spreading and decreasing at birth.
     Also, the beginning of the cycle of weapons of one is as follows. Starting with the Horse, which corresponds to the element calculated, go down as far as possible. Then up, counting eighteen. And so on in accordance with the order. Analyze the rope of Sog, etc. When you return, your power will be lost. There will be a war in the country. Since the fortress will be surrounded by troops, there will be a war with noise for ten days. Spears and long arrows will move. This is acceptable as a calculation for everyone. Stick to it as the main thing in the perfection of food.
     "The calculation of the business of gods and demons" is as follows. Starting with the Hare - your own friend, when spinning for men, go down the account until two conflicts with Sog. Then go down to the conflict of seven in two Lu. When you return, it will be a good omission. If the cutoff occurs, you trade with the demons with the help of the gods. In particular, increasing the enemy metal and collecting in the sky gate of parkha - will be bad.
     Rotation for women. Starting from Hare of mother - up by the number of [years]. There will be a [determined] conflict with Sog. Then seven down to [determine] the conflict of the two Lu. When you return it will be similar to what is shown above.
     This is the calculation of birth from the mind-heart table. If a girl with Khon is born, the mother's gate will be closed by the girl. And later, a girl will also be born. This girl will eat a variety of jewelry. And until her mother dies, there will be no girls for this girl.
     If a young man is born with Khen, then the gates of man will be cut off. The highest of the newcomers will not appear until the youth is thirty years old. But [the children] will come to the young man earlier. Also, until the death of the father, no children will be born.
     If a girl with Gin is born, her name and status will be stolen for a long time. But it says that "later there will be a girl".
     No matter how subtle the calculations [such as these], etc., will arise from endless statements. But even in this case, use the procedure and [I] an important family of. Thanks to this, what is said in brief, the desired goals will be realized.
     Thus ends the seventh Chapter of the establishment of the thirteen cycles of Chinese analysis from the "Mirror of manifest existence", Black calculations.

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