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8 Calculations about Death

8 Calculations about Death

     With a water stream of immortality that eliminates everything, you moisturize through life the right wisdom in a glorious heartfelt gathering that is unfiltered! I bow to the power of remembering that keep everything!
     Next [follows] an extensive description of the sequence of the happiness procedure for those who have come [to death] through calculations for the deceased. Also some wise men [speak] about hundred, ninety-nine, etc. stones, make baseless classifies. Some, in the characteristics of Chinese calculations [show] blunt in the lists of stones relative to place and person. Some, sticking to shortcomings and lack of defects, talk a lot with disappointment.
     Having carried out the complete suppression of the numerous shortcomings mentioned, I will explain by means of knowledge with real force, this method.
     Here are also nine points. The first is an explanation of thirty stones as to whether or not a time of death. Then there is one stone of parkha to carry out all of the charges and guilt. Two stones of day week and year [to define] where you move, where you will, demon eaters. Thirteen stone time to invite and no invitation for the deceased. Six stones cutting off the bliss of defeat and winning the resulting bad or good birthplace. Seventy stones of cleansing in relation to the cemetery of five elements of scandal. As well as additionally decoration [recorded] by some that follow [the deceased] in the form of three stones from points, such as the special position of corpses, the tradition of recitation for families of corpses and the direction of recitation, small or large roots of virtue with respect to the area of negative force-interference. All one hundred and twenty-five of the listed stones, are explained in summary by nine paragraphs.

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