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8.9 The roots of virtue for the place of submission [of negative forces]

8.9 The roots of virtue for the place of submission [of negative forces]

     The ninth. Roots of virtue for place of submission. There are three units of the deceased, higher, lower and middle.
     According to this, if it is normal to flow its own, then three days after death, up to the dawn of the fourth day - consciousness remains as insensitive. Then, just as a child wakes up from sleep, there is a glow of understanding bad and good. You meet symbols and all the desired goals. On each of the seven days - there are consecutive visions of the six families.
     The tradition in which they work hard in virtue at this time is this. If death is not protected by suppression, it will be difficult for the deceased to meet the path to liberation. Protection is therefore exercised by subjugating [negative forces] to death.
     The brief classification of subordination is as follows. External - submission to black wings. The average is satisfaction with sutras and special statements. Internal is the ceremony of accompanying the deity of the secret mantra. Work hard in proclaiming all this, etc.
     In addition, ten aspects from the tradition of submission [interfering forces]: five true and five discarded: five true and five discarded.
     The first. About submission of the earth by the sky tell "Submission of the servant by mister".
     The second. The submission of darkness to shine is said: "Submission of the spouse by the spouse."
     The third. The submission of the left to the right is said: "The submission of the child to the maternal uncle."
     The fourth. The submission of the body to the head is said "The submission of the child by the father."
     The fifth. About the submission of the arrow with air say "The submission of the student by the teacher."
     These are the five true ones from the tradition of submission.
     The sixth. The submission of heaven to the earth is said to be "the submission of the lord by the servant" and This is understood on the basis of force five discarded.
     All true are small fields for submission. All disgusted are big fields for submission.
     In addition, some explain the essence of the texts with regard to the great roots of virtue, small, etc. Since the deceased will not make a clear light perfect on the first day after the week after death, the main thing is to make self-release the ritual of hearing peaceful and angry. Therefore, the section of the training path - cleaning the veils and collecting savings in service to the four sections of the mandala and the tantra used.
     Also, when the season comes, most get a birth. So at this time they serve a guru teacher, a virtuous friend. Immerse themselves for a month, etc., in key instructions. At best, they get the fetus. On average - [become] Sugati in Khechchari. In the usual case - find the princess, the source of a good family. If practices are carried out at this time, you meet a symbol of delusion and liberation, manifestation and awareness. The diligence in removing the obstacles of the fetus through cleansing and restoration of heart commitments (remorse of extensive vision), etc., will be essential.
     If is another target in a great being, hold as lords compassion for beings. Therefore, the main thing will be the implementation of the heart [commitments], completely pure prayers-well-being, a quick way, ganachakra.
     If the creature is pernicious, some great force of virtue, such as irreparability, gift of vitality, etc., will be the main force of virtue.
     Also, depending on fate and your own virtue - the main thing, it is the ritual of the ocean of the Victorious to accompany, the purification of virtue, monastic.
     To accompany a male creature is the main ritual of a luminaire illuminating everything. To accompany the girl and the female family - the main thing, the ritual of Jamma, covering everything. To accompany the numerous who possess the pernicious is the main ritual of the vast space of the swastika. To accompany most creatures is the main ritual of following in Sukhavati. As common to living creatures of the environment-whistle is the main sutra of cutting off the gates of birth in the lower worlds. For those who possess falls and ignorance is the main ritual of remorse in swastika falls. For the heavy in the usual trends and non-children - the main section of sutras of liberation of six families.
     In addition, the section of performing [actions] for the deceased forms due to enemies of the life force of the deceased and the requirements regarding cooking. And should fill up throughout the year of birth with three corresponding types of water.
     Because of the happiness that comes thanks to such calculations for the dead, this tradition of unique texts has been removed from those proclaimed by the wise. It 's also [done], for the benefit of foundation.
     Thus ends the eighth, the chapter of calculations for the dead from the Mirror of Apparent Being, Chinese calculations.

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