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1.19. Beginning. Conclusion. Part Two

Library - First volume of Lama gongdu

Conclusion. Part Two

    Kyema! Kyehu! This way of seeing the present tense is contrary to some and the mind of some [people]. But even then the impurity of my countenance is subordinated to a false vision. Therefore, it seems a very bad way of acting that is like this. I think that I am not conforming to the essence that lines up in such a way. But it is also possible that I am also wrong in some aspects. Let beings, having quieted all such false thoughts and delusions, become practitioners in the Teachings of the Great Chariot!
    The very manifest body of Padmasambhava of Uddiyana! Lord, the mighty lord who holds the power of speech! Through the teachings from the treasury of thoughts you exercise maturation in those who possess destiny! Sangye Lingpa, victorious of his crown!
    For the trulku, the supreme being, Sangye Lingpa was made the prediction of the dakinis in the evening in a dream about making copies of the aspects of the heart of the oral instructions about the stage of completion from Lama Gongdu, the golden writings, the essence explanations, the experiences of practice, the commensurability of signs, holding the dimension [sign] from the "Golden Pure Melt". It was said, "When one adult woman who possesses goodness and radiance reaches the age of thirteen, which will receive the name 'Perfect Liberation'1.
    Because of this, beginning at the age of thirteen, she will consistently abide at this level. She will be called by the good names associated with the names Legdrub Men2, Paltsho3, Yeshe Bum4, Gyamtho Kyi5, Damra Dron6, Dorje Tsho7, Gangkar Cham8, Tsultrim Gyen9, Rinchen Padma10, Yungdrung Kyi11, Sangye Dren12, Cho Bum13, Gendyun Men14. This mother, who is so called, will have thirteen red wooden volumes, poti, of the Teachings.
    When viewed in terms of the thirteen parts in this Collection of Thoughts, one thinks about the acceptable interdependence and the syllable of E.
    The Virgins, having bestowed everything of the size of one elbow, in the form of numerous angular crystals, will put everything in my pocket. When done so, according to the sequence in the dream, everything will dissolve into my heart.
    When I woke up, all the manifestations of the syllable Tsa entered the mandala of light. In the middle [appeared] a sound, a light, a crystal stupa. And that which abides in the form of a standing person appeared, dissolving into itself [that is, Sangye Lingpa].
    In its own manifestation, that which appears as such, appeared surrounded by the thoughts of "I am the stupa of the crystal. Thinking of the miracle, I wrote it all down.

    Heh! Heh! Praise the guru, the deva, the dakini! Hum!
    Padmasambhava of Uddiyana gathered together the essence of the Enlightened One. Having collected it, he hid it in the middle of Tibet on Jambudwipa. This [teaching] was guarded by the possessor of the fate of the terton of the time of decline! I praise Sangye Lingpa [of the lineage] from father to son!
    The very essence of the manifestation of the speech [of the teacher from] Uddiyana! You appeared as a special one in the form of Rolpei Dorje [rol pa'i rdo rje] in the year of the Dragon[, born] of a woman of [noble] lineage. I pray to him who is marked by the name of Sangye Dorje!
    You have extracted the essential termas as [abiding] above the twenty-five [disciples]! Carrying out the propagation of the Teachings of maturation and liberation! At the age of fifty-three, you went to the pure land that is above! Among those who were successively foretold as peculiar beings, you were shown among the commands and foretellings!
    His son, Yeshe Dorje, was chosen as successor during the manifestation of the twenty-three [disciples]. And when the practices of the three Roots were carried out, he heard all the cries of Hayagriva. The good aroma of medicine and practice encompassed everything and was known at a great distance. He rotated the chakra teachings of the deep termas. He also elucidated texts for the benefit of beings in the eastern direction. After reaching the age of eighty-three, he went [to the pure land] for the sake of others.
    At the time of the present [teacher from] Uddiyana, he was known by the name of Namrol Yeshe Zangpo15. In all predictions for future times, he clearly appears in the midst of predictions and teachings. He himself is a supreme being, a true teacher. [Known as] the noble Kumara Simha16, a charioteer of the lineage in Shang-shung.
    The practice of the teachings of the Gathering of Thoughts was seen in space in the form of incomplete texts until the [signs of practice] were received during the three months of approach and attainment. When the initiations of men and women in the house of practice were received and no compressed essence initiation was given, all kinds of stages of origin and stages of completion were fulfilled. And even most of the subtle precepts [were not gained] by the possessors of destiny who hold the line of transmission, [for they proved] to be like the horns of a hare. It is said that the all-perfect profound special cycle has not begun to spread among those who possess the Teachings. No utterances aimed at the teachings and dedication of the life force were found. And since another part [of the unity] of conception and completion did not appear, entries became unacceptable among the small precepts of the bad and the good.
    In short, any and all texts and teachings were derived from the chapter and entered the middle and last part of the body. That individual that entered manifested and changed. The poisoned food of Tsen was tapped as the innermost of the common and the subtle. At forty-seven went to the pure land.
    As it was requested that which the genus was marked as corresponding in size to the elbow, it appeared as the remains and relics of the body. This appeared in the direction of Utsang.
    In the past, at the time of the Uddiyana teacher himself, there was known as the supreme being Paltzun Zangpo17. [This] is made clear among the subtle sealed teachings in the predictions for the future, [that are made by] the Lotus of Uddiyana.
    There is no equal to the teachings of the Enlightened One. There is no exhaustion in the treasuries [of the teacher] of Uddiyana! There is no core in the phenomena of samsara! No time to adhere to the imprints of the countenance and the golden papers! There is no reason for supplication in the stream of rain! No time for the separation of belly and back! No source aimed at me, the beggar! No faith in the benefactors! No time for deliverance in this monastery! Let there be [possession of] virtue and fortune in all directions, times and temporal states!
    Translated by Dondrub Dorje Tulku.


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