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1. "The Sealing Knot". Introduction and the Essense

Library - Third volume of Lama gongdu

Lama gongdu

A Detailed Explanation of Heart Commitment-Samaya

"The Sealing Knot."

    Praise to the guru, deva, dakini! Hum!
    [One attains] maturity and liberation, the final level of the path leading to unsurpassed enlightenment. The root or life force of this is the heart commitments. [Here] their essence is proclaimed.
    Here those who immerse themselves in the highest summit of all chariots, the heart of the unsurpassed secret mantra, the tantra of the highest path that leads to the level of liberation and omniscience-form abiding in three trainings: the training of moral discipline; the training of samadhi; the training of wisdom. By doing so, [one attains the essence of] the key points about the direct realization of the goals of self and others, like composing the aspect of a sealed knot. Therefore [appear as] heart commitments. This detailed exposition of those [heart commitments shows] eleven sections: (1) the essence of heart commitments; (2) enumeration; (3) method of protection; (4) causes of damage; (5) signs of damage; (6) defects from damage; (7) qualities of no damage; (8) method of correcting damage; (9) examples [or records] of great heart commitments; (10) a concise explanation of heart commitments; (11) demonstration of the final level, the fruit of heart commitments. Samaya.

2. The essence of heart commitments

    First section. There are three [points] in the essence of heart commitments: the essence of the essence; the definition of the essence; the enumerations of the essence.
    The first.  The formation of the absence of departure from all values in the exercise of the protection of heart obligations is the essence of heart obligations.
    Second. The definition [is]. If one defends, possessing the nature of all actions, for the protection of all things, then [it is said] "holy" [or noble]. But if one damages [anything] on the basis of all things, then [it appears as] words. This is the full definition of "true words."
    Third. There are four special ones: the root, the enlightened attitude, the [commitments] of body, speech, and mind. Ordinary: completely related to the two links.


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