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178 The Noble [teachings]. Mahayana Sutra. Manjushri's precepts

Library - Kangyur - Sutra


The Noble [teachings]. Mahayana Sutra. Precepts for Manjushri

    I praise all the Enlightened ones and bodhisattvas!
    Thus I heard once.

    The Blessed One, together with a great good assembly of monks numbering one thousand two hundred and fifty and a great good assembly of bodhisattvas numbering five thousand, were in the garden of Anathapindada in the Jethavana Grove of Shravasti.
    Then the Blessed One was surrounded by an entourage of many hundreds of thousands. [And when] they stood before [him], he gave the Teachings.
    Then the young [prince] Manjushri took a precious umbrella that is ten yojanas in circumference, lifted it above the Blessed One's head and stood thus holding it.
    Next, the son of the god of art, Susima of the Land of Perfect Joy - was among the assembled entourage among those no longer returning from the unsurpassed, truly perfect enlightenment, along with those around him. Being there, he rose from his seat. Approached the place where Manjushri was, Approaching, he said to the young [prince] Manjushri:
    Manjushri! You have made offerings to the Blessed One. Is your mind satisfied because of it?
    Manjushri said:
    Son of God! Think about it, will the great ocean be satisfied [with tranquility] when the water disappears?
    Devaputra said:
    Manjushri! It is not.
    Manjushri said:
    Son of God! Likewise, when one rejoices in the immensity and depth of the original wisdom of omniscience, which is like a great ocean, the bodhisattva-mahasattvas that yearn to discover the immensity there-want to make offerings to the Tathagata. Therefore also they are not satisfied [with what has been done].
    Devaputra said:
    Manjushri! By concentrating on what is the offering to the Tathagata performed?
    Manjushri said:
    Son of God! Through four concentrations the offering to the Tathagata is made. What are the four? They are the concentration on the enlightened attitude, the concentration on the complete liberation of all living beings, the concentration on the unsealed body of the Three Jewels, the concentration on the perfect purity of all the fields-countries of the Enlightened.
    Son of God! With these four concentrations make offerings to the Tathagata!
    Manjushri said so. And all of creation, including the son of gods, Susima, bhiksha monks, bhikshuni nuns, bodhisattvas, entourage, gods, humans, asuras and gandharvas, rejoiced and praised what Manjushri had said.
    Thus concludes the noble [teaching], the Great Chariot Sutra - explained by Manjushri.
    The text was translated and verified by the Indian preceptor Surendrabodhi and the translator-corrector Bende Yeshede.

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