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195 Noble [teachings]. The Sutra of the Great Chariot. Jayamati

Library - Kangyur - Sutra


Noble [teachings]. The Sutra of the Great Chariot. Jayamati

    I praise all the Enlightened ones and bodhisattvas!
    So I heard once.

    The Blessed One was with a great blessed assembly of monks and extremely numerous bodhisattvas in the garden of Anathapindada in the Jethavana Grove of Shravasti.
    Then the Blessed One addressed the bodhisattva Jayamati:
    Jayamati! A son or daughter of a family [of noble ones] who desires [to acquire] the field of merit - will make offerings to the True-Soul!
    Desiring to attain wisdom - they will be diligent in listening. If they desire heaven - they will guard and maintain moral discipline.
    If they desire wealth - they will increase giving and giving.
    If they yearn for a good form - they will meditate on patience.
    If they hunger for courage and intelligence, they will trust the guru-teacher.
    If they yearn for spells-dharani, they will [abide] without pride.
    If they yearn for original wisdom, they will abide in the realization of the acceptable in mind.
    If they yearn for liberation, they shall cast away all that is harmful.
    If they long for the realization of good for all living beings, they will create an enlightened attitude.
    If they yearn for sound speech, they will speak the truth.
    If they yearn for quality, they will rejoice in complete solitude.
    If they crave doctrine-dharma, they will rely on a virtuous friend.
    If they long for shamatha-peace, they will [abide] repeatedly without involvement [in anything with the mind].
    If one longs for penetrating vision-vipashyana, one will repeatedly analyze dharma-particles as empty.
    If they long for Brahma's peace, they will meditate on love, mercy, joy and equality.
    If they yearn for the perfect wealth of men, they will abide in the reality of having attained the path of the ten virtues.
    If they yearn for perfect nirvana, they should rejoice in the doctrine of emptiness. If they yearn to attain all the qualities, they should offer gifts to the Three Jewels.
    The Blessed One said this. All of creation, including the bodhisattva-mahasattva Jayamati, the whole entourage, gods, humans, asuras, and gandharvas, rejoiced and praised what the Blessed One had said.
    Thus ends the noble [teaching], the sutra of the Great Chariot - Jayamati.

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