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281 Remembrance of the Teaching

Library - Kangyur - Sutra


Remembrance of the Teaching

    I praise all the Enlightened ones and bodhisattvas!

    Holy Teaching - proclaimed as good!
    Realized as pure!
    Virtuous in the beginning!
    Virtuous in the middle!
    Virtuous in the end!
    Good in meaning and good in speech!
    Not mixed up [with pernicious] and perfectly pure!
    Perfectly pure and perfectly purified!
    Doctrine and discipline-vinaya - Enlightened, Blessed is proclaimed as good!
    Truly attained!
    Not cut off in time!
    Entrusted [in the hands]!
    When one sees - the meaning is present!
    By wise men it is learned!
    Doctrine and discipline-guineas are nobly clarified!
    [Brings forth] renunciation!
    Leads to perfect enlightenment!
    Conforms to the acceptable and does not conform to the unacceptable!
    Possesses support!
    Prevents the ordinary ways [of beings]!

    This is how the memorization of the Doctrine is completed.


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