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13. Medicine

Library - Canonical work - Tengyur


Number Name Tibetan Sanskrit Location State Support
1 Hundred formulations sbyor ba brgya pa yoga-śataka he 1b1-8b4   need
2 The Sutra of Life and Medicine sman 'tsho ba'i mdo jīva-sūtra he 8b4-12a2   need
3 The ritual of the healer Aba sman a ba'i cho ga ava-bheṣaja-kalpa he 12a4-13a7   need
4 Commentary on Medical analysis, the heart of the eight Branches " Enumeration of the names of medicines" sman dpyad yan lag brgyad pa'i snying po'i 'grel pa las sman gyi ming gi rnam grangs zhes bya ba vaidya-aṣṭāṅga-hṛdaya-vṛtti-bheṣaja-nāma-paryāya he 13b1-44a7   need
5 The Compressed Heart of the Eight Branches yan lag brgyad pa'i snying po bsdus pa zhes bya ba aṣṭāṅga-hṛdaya-saṁhitā-nāma he 44b1-335a7   need
6 Explanation of the medical analysis "Heart of the eight branches" yan lag brgyad pa'i snying po zhes bya ba'i sman dpyad kyi bshad pa aṣṭāṅga-hṛdaya-nāma-vaiḍūryaka-bhāṣya he 335b1-e 421a7   need
7 Detailed commentary on "Heart of the eight Branches" - " Moonlight of the essence of words" yan lag brgyad pa'i snying po'i rnam par 'grel pa tshig gi don gyi zla zer zhes bya ba pada-artha-candrikā-prabhāsa-nAma-aṣṭāṅga-hṛdaya-vi-vṛtti ko 1b1-go 304a7   need


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