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Books and collections of translations of canonical texts


    New translations of canonical (and not only) texts are constantly appearing on the site. To make it easier to navigate through them, below is a table with links to download a particular collection of translations. The first part of the table contains translations of canonical texts. 

Section pdf
Vinaya -
Prajna-paramita -
Paritta -
Avatamsaka -
Ratnakuta -
Sutra -
Tantra: Annutarayoga-tantra -
Tantra: Yoga-Tantra -
Tantra: Charya Tantra -
Tantra: Kriya Tantra -
Tantras of old translations -
Dharani -
Commentary on the Kalachakra Tantra -



Section pdf
Hymns -
Comments on Tantra t01
Prajna-paramita -
Madhyamaka -
Sutra -
Chittamatra -
Abhidharma -
Vinaya -
Jatakas -
The epistolary genre (letters, etc.) -
Pramana -
Grammar -
Medicine -
Arts and Crafts -
Treatises of the ordinary tradition -
Various texts -





Canonical work
    Kangyur and Tengyur    
Colections of translated texts of Buddhism and Bon
Nyingma   Kagyu   Sakya
Gelug   Bon   Jonang
Astrology, divination and geomancy   Chod   Descriptions of ritual items
Textos rituales        


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