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142 Noble [teaching]. Dharani “Six Gates”

Library - Kangyur - Sutra


Noble [teaching]. Dharani “Six Gates”


   I prostrate before young Manjushri!
     This is what I heard once.
     The Blessed One was with an innumerable assembly of bodhisattvas in a place fully adorned separately with seven kinds of jewels in the middle of heaven, up in Shuddhavasa, surrounded by a retinue.
     At that time the Blessed One say to the bodhisattvas:
     Sons of the [noble] family! You adhere to the «Six Gates» dharani for the benefit and good of all beings! It is as follows.
     Whatever suffering I have experienced in other lives by revolving again and again, let it not become the property of not understanding equality with others!
     Whatever perfect worldly happiness I experience, may I be of full service to everyone and all sentient beings!
     Whatever I carry out as unwholesome harmful actions, may through unsurpassed repentance for everyone not become unrepentant for everyone!
     Whatever I have performed as Mara's actions, let me not become ignorant of them through unsurpassed perfect understanding!
     Whatever worldly and surpassing worldly roots of virtue that possess my perfections, may they become the fruits of the original unsurpassed unsurpassed wisdom for all living beings!
     May I, having completely liberated myself, thereby completely liberate all sentient beings!
     May I be neither in cyclic existence nor in nirvana!

     tadyathā oṁ kṣame kṣame kṣānte kṣānte dame dame dānte dānte bhadre bhadre subhadre subhadre candre candre sucandre sucandre candra kiraṇe candra vati te jo vati yaśo vati dharma vati brahma vati sarva kleśa viśodhani sarva artha sādhani sarva artha praśamane para mārtha sādhani kāya viśodhani vāka viśodhani manaḥ saṁśodhani svāhā

     Sons of the [noble] family! Thus, if any son of the [noble] family or daughter of the [noble] family recites three times by day and three times by night this dharani “Six Gates”, purifies all the veils of that [person's] deeds. Having purified, he will remember births up to seven births [in the past]. Will become enlightened, perfect in unsurpassed, truly perfect enlightenment.
     The Blessed one rejoiced. And after having spoken, those assemblies of bodhisattvas and the sons of the gods of Shuddhavasa - rejoiced. And offered praise to what the Blessed One had said.
     Thus the noble [teaching] dharani “Six Gates” is completed. Translated by Lama Dondrub Dorje Tulku.

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