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144 Dharani of two stanzas

Library - Kangyur - Sutra


Dharani of two stanzas

     I bow before the young Manjushri!
     Contempt for the Enlightened One and the Teaching, adherence to laziness and sufficiency of a small amount of teaching, actions with the desire and pride, reprehensible and incomprehensible behavior are the veils of living beings. The antidote to that is the explanation of the higher Chariot. By this [supreme chariot] all errors are completely discarded and cut off.

     tadyathā oṁ vajraprakāra vajraprakāra vajracakra daṁṣthābhaya nake amale vimale nirmale culuke culu culu sarva buddhe svāhā

     Due to the essence of the stanzas, the spell from the spirit of the stanzas is related to everything. A living being that possesses holy wisdom will attain the ten kinds of goodness and benefit, will increase the elements immeasurably, and at the time of death will attain the holy [level of] supreme joy. Also everything will arise in accordance with desires, will remember all births, will meet the Enlightened Ones, from them will hear [the teachings of] the highest Chariot. Thanks to the two gates, faith and wisdom, he will quickly attain enlightenment.
     Thus ends the dharani of two stanzas. Translated by Lama Dondrub Dorje Tulku.


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