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Records of the sequence of contemplations of the four feasts. Colorful feast

Records of the sequence of contemplation of the four feasts from the deepest Cutting off

Ornament of the mind of the Great Mother

Black feast White feast Colorful feast Red feast

    Third. A colorful feast associated with daytime.
    Say "Phat! My beautiful young body ...". This own body is transformed into a perfect youthful majestic body. In the middle of it is the avadhuti channel like a crystal tube. From it emerges the five-color bindu, the nature of consciousness, mind and wind.
    This entity flies into the heavenly space above the crown of the head, like a fired arrow or a meteor. Imagine that you emerge from space [higher reality] as Troma Nagmo of dark blue color, possessing bone ornaments, a cutting dagger and a skull cup. In the dance pose, she stands in the sphere of the flame of primordial wisdom on a seat of lotus flower, sun and corpse.
    In the right hand, with a cutting dagger, the material [body] is cut and all pleasures and the body that clings to the self from beginningless lives are collected. Once collected, it dissolves. Also, with a commensurate cutting dagger, the skin is ripped off and [spreads] over the surface, covering the ground. The entire element of space is filled with a mountain of meat and bones, a sea of blood and fat. Before him [appears] dripping on a naturally occurring tripod of skulls. Falling down inside the open neck, [appear] five kinds of meat and five kinds of nectar, which are melted and boiled by the combination of fire and wind. From the steam, boundless clouds of external, internal and secret offerings radiate from there.
    On the space of the lands of three thousand [worlds] three white, three sweet, various types of sour, aromas, medicines, cereals and food, various types of jewelry such as gold, silver, copper, iron, jewelry, etc., various types of things, such as clothing, silk, wool, cotton, jewelry, garlands, armor, swords, etc., various kinds of animal forms such as deer, pets, aquatic, various types of birds, etc., [also] mountains, forests, empty terrain, parks, seas, ponds, rivers, tents, houses, places of rest, retinue, servants, friends, etc. In short, it appears as a chakra, adorned with the inexhaustible wealth of everything desired.
    Rain falls from space in the form of aspects of three syllables, a blessing of the body, speech and mind of the Victorious. Imagine that by dissolving, it makes everything visible, audible, remembered and tangible possessing the possibility of liberation from the suffering of poverty and misery. Pronounce three syllables as much as possible.
    This is the invitation of guests. Speak, starting with "Permanent protector ...".
    [Imagine that there are] guests of veneration, Jewels, such as the Three Jewels, Three Roots, etc., guests of qualities, protectors, such as the protectors of the white side of the seventy glorious Protectors, etc., guests of mercy, six families [beings], such as beings of the three spheres, living beings in an intermediate state, etc., guests of karmic creditors, a family of hindrances, such as gods and rakshasas of manifested existence, negative influences, hindrances, etc. All come, manifesting like vultures swirling over meat. Imagine this.
    Meditate that through the three Phat gather from above.

    This is the actual offering of gifts. Speak beginning with “Refugees, Jewels ...” To guests who are invited in this way, offer the substances of offerings that manifest as their own nature an inexhaustible celestial treasury of offerings that correspond to their own minds individually. Through this, the worshipers, by satisfying the mind with the taste [of oneness] of bliss and emptiness, complete the two accumulations of beings, me and others. The guests of qualities, softened and satisfied, carry out activities for protection, protection and friendliness. The guests of mercy, rejoicing and rejoicing, pacify individual sufferings together with cause and fruit. The guests of the karmic creditors, when satiated and satisfied, generate the jewel of the enlightened attitude in the [mind] stream. And they adhere to the constant state of the unchanging vajra. Imagine this.
    [When you present], imagine that with the first "Phat" - you bring, with the second - they receive, with the third - they are satisfied.
    This is the stage of completion along with the offering [merit] and the wish. Speak beginning with "May all beings through this virtue ..." Through the virtue of giving offerings, all beings are sealed with a wish for liberation at the summit of the original foundation.
    In the end, everything, be it those for whom the offerings are made, the one who makes the offerings and the offerings themselves, rest in nonduality and in balance in the unborn first Enlightened One.
    Imagine that with the first "Phat" you are transported into the essence of nirmanakaya, with the second - into the essence of sambhogakaya, with the third - into the essence of dharmakaya.


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